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Game Level: 80
Expert: 203
Master: 42
Specialist: 24
Notable Stars:
Area 51Expert
All Adventure flights from Owls to JumbosAt Least Master
Apogee Mission (green)Expert
Lunar Mission (blue)Expert
Prometheus Mission (red)Expert
All Standard Sparrow and Crossbill Helicopter DestinationsExpert
All Standard Swallow, Owl, Hawk, Raven and Eagle flightsExpert
All Standard Giant flightsExpert
Reputation Level: 20
Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (West Virginia, USA)
Alliance: Angie2
Passengers Carried Last Week: 150,000+

  • I have a limited number of neighbor slots.
  • Do not expect me to send you a gift. I have priorities.
  • If you become inactive, I am likely to remove you even if we have played together in the past. I will NOT call you back to the game as I respect the decision to quit as I have had to quit two games in the past and I realize it's a tough call.
  • If we can NOT get along or personal strife gets too great, I will unfriend you. Consider this a kindness as there is no sense extending the pain for me and you.
  • If you take first in a launch I am hosting without my express approval, I will remove you, no-second chances even if you apologize.
  • 2 Astronaut Academy
  • 6 Brazilian Villas
  • 6 Brazilian Cottages
  • 2 Cosmic Fuel Station
  • 6 Donuts
  • 6 Flight Catering Facility
  • Fuel Station - level 3
  • Fuel Station H - level 6
  • 2 Furniture Factory
  • 6 Futuristic Houses
  • 6 Laundry
  • Launch Pad 1
  • Launch Pad 2
  • Launch Pad 3
  • Mission Control Center Level 3
  • 2 Pharmaceutical Lab
  • Powerful Oil Refinery - level 3
  • Small Oil Refinery - level 3
  • 14 stands
  • 6 Stone Castles
  • 5 Sweets Factory
  • 6 Training Centers
  • 6 Villas
  • 6 VIP Lounges
  • Fellow Alliance Members get priority.
  • I give items specified in User name tag or by default, Fuel 20.
  • I give Building Items by specific request only.
  • I have a FINITE number of gifts (30) I can send in a day so there is nothing personal if you do not receive one from me. I have over 300 neighbors that participate in launches, receive items from visits for their strategies and side-mission quests, as well as give gifts, or are from previous alliances.
  • I do have my favorite people I send gifts to.
Air Dock
  • Channel Bar
Control Tower Level 4
  • Weather Display
  • Wide Area Binoculars
Control Tower Level 13
  • Time Server
Cosmic Fuel Station
  • Spaceship Engine
Duty Free Shop Level 1
  • ATM
  • Imprinter
Duty Free Shop Level 2
  • Anti-Theft Gates
  • Security Camera
Duty Free Shop Level 2, 3
  • Glass Display Case
  • POS Terminal
Flight Catering Facility
  • Cooling Chamber
  • Defroster
Flight School
  • Slide Ruler
Furniture Factory
  • Edge Banding Machine
  • All Inclusive Bracelet
  • Flatwork Ironer
Mission Control Center Level 1
  • Video Wall
Mission Control Center Level 2
  • Communication Antennae
Pharmaceutical Lab
  • Granulator
Repair Base Level 3
  • Drill Machine
  • Power Source
Repair Base Level 4
  • Hull Parts
  • Laster Cutter
  • Lining Plate
Repair Base Level 5
  • TV Panels
Repair Base Level 7
  • Thermographic Flow Detector
Reserve Hangar 2, 4
  • Fluorescent Lamp
Reserve Hangar 3, 5
  • Exit Sign
Sweets Factory
  • Glazing Machine
Terminal Level 12
  • Water Dispenser
Town Hall Level 8
  • Holographic Display
Travel Agency
  • Great Shots
Air Conditioner
Archive Box
Cash Counter
City Model
Copy Machine
Dispatcher Console
Ergonomic Chair
Flight Goggles
Flight Helmet
Master Plan
Packaging Machine
Server Rack
Smoke Detector
Transmitter for Baggage Hall Level 4 and Control Tower level 6
  • NEVER take first place unless I specifically state otherwise.
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