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  • Hello Rocky. I took a couple of days to get my life back together and hope to be welcomed back for Rocky launches. I plan to "join" Rocky group launches rather that initiate my own. For the next two weeks I plan to join launches with only 96 AFTER following group postings.
    YIKES!!! I'm getting flooded with email, well over 200 from this group in just one day. I'd rather play the game instead of going thru my inbox.
    November 4

    Hello Rocky,

    I'm interested in joining your launch group. I'm trying to assemble 3 more Rocket Gardens so captain is my primary goal. Please neighbor request me and ask for items you need.
    Hi. Now that Windows and Android can work together I sent you a request from my main game Marve. Thanks
    Hey rocky , i d love to join your launch group
    tbomb a fellow member of the falco alliance told me to direct my request directly to you
    hope i can contribute to the group
    If you are interested to join my PRIVATE LAUNCH GROUP THREAD : send me a PM
    Rocky i took a look at your profile on our server, it shows that you are an active member. try using your old email as Dave has made some changes it should work now.
    Thanks a lot Cosmic Blue and thanks to Dave for your response and your help, I appreciate it. Now, everything is working fine
    Hi Rocky, Thanks for letting me join as a neighbour. I'm after some infrared cameras, motion sensors, coffee machines and observation drones. Is there anything you need, I don't have the 20 fuel. Cheers. Biggles857.
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