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  • Hi Meli,I would like to be your neighbor.Friend code w15cb5z ,level 60 ,game name Radu/FlHos/NvMod
    Do you accept me ?
    Hi meli3,
    My user name is rocky (dutyfree) (Level 32). We have been exchanging gifts for few weeks now and I just found you of this forum so I can get in touch with you. I need 2 x ergonomic chair and after that I will need fuel (20) all time. I can send you space engine x 2 and after let me know what you need.
    Cheers, rocky

    Add me as ur frnd. I have just started playing. Will appreciate anything you send.
    Code is : wcp7sxe

    I need : Dispatcher console, Flight goggle & text book.
    Please send it to me :(
    Hey Mel,

    Got my old game back up and running. What's your neighbor code so I can try and add you back in.
    @mel hi dont need bath towel please can u send me text book will send u p.r.transmitter again unless u want summit else check my sig thanks :)
    @mel thanks for accepting please can u send me bath towel will srnd you pwerful radio trans if want summit else check my sig thanks
    thanks for fuel please can u sende spare wire next time thanks
    olly 333
    olly 333
    Yes I've noticed you need this, that will be tomorrow to you
    hi thanks for passengers please can you send me spare wire ne t time let me know if i have any thing specific u need if not will send u some thing from ure sig
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