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    Get experience points for your support/lower level game

    Hello everyone! Are you a fairly new player or have a support game you would like to level up? Shadow Wings regularly gets 30% and has openings. We ask you complete only 1 task per week. On non event flight weeks sometimes we will do 50% but more often than not we hit 30. Send me a message...
  2. LuvCatsGames


    I‘d suggest you either tag people or send them a message if you are adding them. I only accept forum neighbors so I am another that deletes unknown requests. It also might be easier, to my thinking anyway, if your game name isn’t pilot xxxxx game ID. Posting in launch chat or the general chat...
  3. LuvCatsGames

    World of Wildlife 2020 Award

    Oops I’m right there with you @Wired Parrott
  4. LuvCatsGames

    Have we lost a space?

    I actually like the new way a lot better. It swaps you back-and-forth between stand and reserve when you move them. No more after the pole back over to your reserve hanger or your stand.
  5. LuvCatsGames

    v8.0 is out - discussion

    I checked a bit ago and the update is not available on either iOS or Windows. At least not in my games.
  6. LuvCatsGames

    Shadow Wings looking for new members

    Shadow Wings is a level 6 Alliance looking to add a few new members. There is no minimum passenger requirement. The group members decide what percentage to work towards. At this time we are hoping to meet 50% of tasks. Other than doing 1-2 tasks per week regular communication (on the message...
  7. LuvCatsGames

    Back to School 2020 Award

    All done. :)
  8. LuvCatsGames

    Update 7.25 is OUT !

    I quit bothering to even look at the ranking.
  9. LuvCatsGames

    Guessing We've All Given Up Hope On V8.0?

    Lol it’s like a baby pool. Everyone can put in their guesses. And when the date comes and goes you guess again LOL.
  10. LuvCatsGames

    Riding The Comet 2020 Award

    Better late than never lol. Finished on day 2 I think it was.
  11. LuvCatsGames

    Neighbors with Planetarium Needed

    @Ispmark adding. Game name Cpt LC. :)
  12. LuvCatsGames

    Space Planetarium Help

    @deepgreensea I am also adding you. :)
  13. LuvCatsGames

    Fair notice being given!!!!

    Lol I’m curious if you held on to 25 as well. That is what I got in my league. Congratulations to @Nit Nit who placed a few ahead of me. :)
  14. LuvCatsGames


    Agreed 100%! I’m finally down to 2 non forum neighbors I think. Much preferable!
  15. LuvCatsGames

    Airport on Fire

    Welcome back SolidScout! I’m new since you joined the first time. I definitely enjoyed your thread. Bummer about your first airport. I will add you. Game name Cpt LC.
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