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Ken Kyu Air

Away from the game right now

Thailand 🇹🇭
  1. Android
  2. iPad
Friend Code
03mkk3ddl, 048nmfkm8
KenKyu1 (item needed) and KK2 (item needed)
doing QL launches


Away from the game right now

Signature last update : Friday 20th November 2020
Time Zone : GMT+7 (Thailand)

Alliance : Ken Kyu Air

1. KK1's Game:
Name - KenKyu1 (
item needed)
Code - 03mkk3ddl (Please PM or tag me so I know you are from the forum)
Level - 65 Stars - 258 Hearts - 20
Buildings - 4x Training centers, 1x cosmic fuel station
Items needed : Please See game name but F20, Flight Catering and Blankets are always welcomed, most of the time Landing Lamps are too.
Gifts I can send: If you really need special gifts from me, please pm.

2. KK2's Game:
Name - KenKyu2 (item needed)
Code - 048nmfkm8
Items needed : Please See game name but F20, Spoiler, Warning System, Different Relay, and Lamp Shade will always be welcomed.
Level - 63 Stars - 171 Hearts - 20
Buildings - 1x cosmic fuel station, 1x Training Centre

3. Support Accounts:
Status - Zzzzzzz
Code - 0371vaby1
Game Name - TRZ gift2KenKyu
Friend Code - 03vaj0bav
Level - 41 Stars - 48
Game Name - z gift2KenKyu
Friend Code - 04xlr1jat
Level & Starts - Who cares?
I created this account just to help send gifts to others (see Gifting Policy below)

4. My rules:
(Main Games) You will send me what’s in my game name (but F20 is always fine) and I will do the same for you. If I cannot send you what you need I will send you F20. Please don’t try to send what you want, I will not return your gifts.

(Support games) If you received gifts from my support accounts, please don't send it back. Send it to KenKyu1 or KenKyu2 instead.
-576 rule please just don't pass anyone in my launches if they had add more than 576 points, including me
- Just check my game name for other launch rules (eg. Max 216 pts or Wait3QL)
-Also see the launch chat for more details about my launch
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