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    8.7.17 update available on ALL platforms

    Any kind of compensation for the bugs? If a player takes advantage of a bug, he gets banned, even if you cannot be sure whether it's a bug or a real update. But shouldn't it work the other way around as well? They mess up, so they should give some compensation, instead of blocking players
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    Christmas Super Building and MSB8 - Missing info

    Selling and warehousing Ski School:
  3. FR;

    Need friends for Ds2 game

    @david smith Sent a friends request
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    Holiday Rush progress levels - STILL NEED LEVEL 19

    Level19 needs 5000 to complete
  5. FR;

    Holiday Rush 2020 Award

    Done here! ☃
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    8.6 out on Android

    It stops when you hit a building or tree
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    8.6 out on Android

    Tap and hold to increase, let go to descend. And watch out for the buildings, trees and planes
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    8.6 out on Android

    Version 8.6.26 Holiday Rush event. It's snowing 🌨🌨 A new mini game in this event. And the mystery plane is back in the Premium Class
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    Awarded 500 Stars

    Congratulations! Well done
  10. FR;

    Android G! wants to rob out players!

    I've stopped my sub as well! It ends next week. I think we need to show solidarity to the vets of this game. The way GI is treating them is really disgraceful
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    8.5 Update is out

    You don't like reporting people, you prefer questioning their methods and accusing them of cheating on a public forum. Not sure what is worse. Maybe you need to focus more on your own game and maths, so you can improve your own city. In the end that's the fun part of this game, right? Your own...
  12. FR;

    8.5 Update is out

    LOL One thing I don't get; why are people so focussed on others in this game? Why are people watching the rankings to accuse someone of cheating? @V_421, maybe you can tell me? You watched the scores of at least two destinations; Chicago and Egypt and accusing the leaders (and 2nd) of cheating...
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    Thanksgiving Day 2020 Award

    Completed as well
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    8.4 Update Preview

    I agree. It's the U.S. Elections all over again; if you don't win just scream how unfair it is... 😔😔 You wouldn't hear them if they won.
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    Android Missing stars

    Same here, stars of Galapagos Islands are back to 0, although I collected them last week. They still count in the total, but I can get them again. Nice. Three extra easy stars ⭐⭐⭐
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