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  • Sent you an invite. If you did not get it, send one to me...my friend code is aa9o6qk
    I need Crucible for now
    I am a daily gifter and send you gifts regularly
    Hi AC!

    Hope you're doing well! Thank you for all the gifts; much appreciated!!!

    >>> Do you think you could send me 'Lining Plate' for a few days? I need 3 of them (to upgrade Repair Base).

    I'll keep sending you Landing Lamps and Fuel Supply; I see these are still on your list so that's good. Let me know if there's something else you'd prefer that I can send.

    Hi Airport Citywide!

    Thanks so much for all of your help- you've really helped me squeeze through some tight spots!

    >>> Could you send me a 'Stapler' (green in color)?
    Need a couple to upgrade City Hall.

    I'll keep sending you Landing Lamp or Fuel Supply unless there's something higher priority you need I can send.

    Hi AC!

    >>> Could you send me a 'Power Source'? (Need just one for Repair Base).
    After that Fuel / Passengers are great.

    I'll keep sending you alternating between Landing Lamps and Fuel Supply unless you'd like something else.

    Thank you!!
    Been having problems with my games and it seems that I have disappeared from some of my neighbors. However, with the new android update, things may have been fixed. See if I am back in your list now and let me know
    Sent a request, daily trader and player
    User name - pjw1278
    left me know if you need anything I can send.

    Add me as ur frnd. I have just started playing. Will appreciate anything you send.
    Code is : wcp7sxe

    I need : Dispatcher console, Flight goggle & text book.
    Please send it to me :(
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