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Alliance Tasks

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  • Alliance Tasks


    Each week, you will be assigned three alliance tasks. This happens at 00:00 UTC on Sunday, if you belong to an alliance at the time of the weekly reset.

    The tasks assigned are based on your fleet

    The number of flights you are assigned for each task is based on your level - the higher your level, the more fuel your tasks will require, from 2500 fuel for the week all the way to 8000 fuel units for level 80.

    Alliance TaskBased OnPercentage of Total Fuel Assigned for Weekly Tasks
    Task 1
    The smallest plane in your fleet​
    Task 2
    The largest plane in your fleet​
    Task 3
    The plane you have the most of in your fleet. If there is a conflict (i.e. you have 4 Jumbos and 4 Falcons), the task will be assigned based on the largest of the planes.​

    Note: If you want to change the assigned plane for given tasks the following week, be sure to change your fleet several hours before reset. This ensures the G! server is aware of the changes to your fleet before task assignment at reset.
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