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QL party FOr 17 more hours if u r interested. Next will be green and then 10 blues.
sorry was asleep, will look now, but you've prob finished, thanks
AA sunset F20
AA sunset F20
We May startup doing more QL parties on Sat again. This was the first one in July.
Wow, you are moving right along, I just achieved 500, i think i started march 2021
Ms. Private Pilot
Ms. Private Pilot
Congrats on 500 stars. Like you I started around March 2021. I feel very grateful to have found a wonderful alliance earlier this year. My alliance helped me from 500 to 600 stars. Good luck and happy flying in the future.
hi Pit, the leader of my alliance has several support accounts that he would like to place here...(5)
His name Ibrahim Kilickan (Ibo). His email kilickan@gmail.com . Main account code 03ssnh5c7
Thanks Mac
I have QL's if you want to join me on launches and add a QL. We can alternate first place if you agree.
Oh I wish I had seen that earlier. Mine just launched and won't be back for 12 hours. :( I would very much like to coordinate with you in the future however. I have 100 Test Launch bonuses and 26 QLs. Right now I'm mainly launching simply to get F50, so even doing 2nd or 3rd place is fine if you want 1st.
Yes, I launched it. Oh well we just have to wait overnight till 10:00 BST Sunday. I like yor suggestion. I have 31 Platinum Chests to open. I want the silver tokens but I have to use up 10 Powerful Explosive Bolts each time! I'll start off a launch on Sunday morning. I know that will be the middle of the night for you, but please do join me when you can.
All the best,
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Happy birthday!
brian greatorex1
nice dog
Sibilla Ha Ree
Sibilla Ha Ree
Блин этот квест полный отстой разработчики идиоты,уже скоро закончится а я еще ни одной коллекции не собрала.
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