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Hey Jessica, are you going to do some launches today? Had a blast doing launches with you last week.
Not at the moment as been focused on the event. I like to run a QL over the last weekend of each month.
hi can I interest you in constellation alliance ?
Yes, I’m currently in an alliance. It’s a level 5. It’s the first alliance I joined, not all members make the effort to complete any tasks or fly any passengers. Normally I easily get over 20,000 pax a week , this week I’m already over 35,000.
Would like to join a higher ranking alliance mainly to get a chance at the map rewards.
We are a small feeder alliance so off the top 100 just now. It will let you grow your game and collect rewards. 0324a4o37 is our leader Mark. If you send him a FR he can let you in. We communicate via messenger. What’s your game name ?
THANK YOU FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY not sure if I'm doing correctly been struggling with my CONTROL TOWER 3 today I actually got new friends added thanks to everyone here .
nabs402 or do I give my 27x8wgfgg
2 x copy machine
2 x despatch console
1 x radar
@ mr Bridogg72 good day sir how can I be in contact with my alliance leader mark f20 to send him a message
Hi — you are doing well in the alliance. Are you on Facebook and Mark can link you to our messenger group ?
Is mean that never play on Windows airport city events? I am very sad
David help me. I have Windows10. I've been playing for several years. I spent a lot of money on this game. But now I have a problem. I have no update on 12/12/16. I have no next events. what should I do. How to update the program. Thank you
Have a read of the forum and you will see about the current windows issues.
Thanks a bunch for the QL support on Greens the last couple of days. I realized very late in the quest that you can earn 300 quest currency with every completed launch. I was way behind on getting to level 20. Thanks to your suppor, I got the reward building with 10 hours left on the quest.
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I’m glad you got the building,Ramy. I haven’t built mine yet. Land shortage problems. Haha.
Does it drop anything or just coins?
It drops launch ammo like the comet hotel from last year And 185 coins every 24 hours. It is a good deal.
Hi @Vanimea Today morning I discovered that you have dropped out of the alliance. I want to ask if you have consciously decided to leave the alliance or it's due to some error. Whatever it is, it's your decision afterall (y)

Thanks for being a part of the alliance.
Hi, I think I may have sent a gift which you hadn't requested - I think I clicked to return. Sorry about that - I'll try to be more careful next time :) Happy Flying.
I've started recording my weekly stats for my Airport City progress in a Google Sheets spreadsheet. I've opened my spreadsheet for commenting. If anyone wants to give me some advice on specific stats to record from the game, I would really appreciate it.

I'm currently at 125k coins out of the 200k that I need to upgrade my Control Tower to Level 6. Still quite a long way to go, and the temptation to spend it on other things is very strong! :rolleyes:
My support account is growing nicely. It is now at Level 11, and I'm building a Reserve Hangar (Level 1) in the airport. My support account is 043tx38kt, and my main account is 044j8uvcl. I'm still learning about support accounts, and how to use them to the best effect. Having an "alt" account is normally taboo in online games, so this is a new experience for me.
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