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Hello @simister77 and thank you for joining Airport City Game.

This is the best resource for everything regarding Airport City. You will find a close knit community of very friendly, supportive people who all share the same goals - To build the best city and airport possible using their imaginations, creativity, ingenuity and problem solving abilities. With the help of this forum, you will be able to advance further, and faster then you normally would playing on your own.

In addition, we have many long term players who are very knowledgeable in the flights, destinations, planes, requirements and other useful information that will make your gaming more pleasurable.

Here are a few tips and suggestions to follow in order to make your gaming and forum experience the best, and most productive it can be. You may be familiar with some of them, but there may be others you are not.

* We encourage participation between forum members, both game wise and just conversationally. There are many people from all across the globe here, and you can learn a great deal from chatting and participating. Feel free to ask as many questions as you can come up with, I'm sure one of us will be able to help you.

* If you look at everyone who has posted, you'll notice a signature containing their forum name, game name, level, stars, hearts, friend code, time zones, etc. In that signature, they will also place the items they need for their game, and also the items they can gift to neighbours. This way, everyone knows what they all need, and also what everyone can gift. This will make things a lot easier for you, as well as your neighbours.

* Before finding neighbours, look around the forum. There are many other areas shared with other platforms with news, information, tips and other helpful things that can expand your knowledge of the game, and how to best achieve your goals.

If you receive a friend request from a forum member:

* They should have "tagged" you (@ symbol followed by forum username - Like I did with you above), or sent you a private message telling you they sent the request. You will receive 200 coins when they add you.

* If you choose to accept the request, click on the green arrow box that appears with their name on it in your, 'Waiting" tab, which is located in your neighbours icon. Enter that persons friend code into the friend code tab That person will receive 200 coins for you adding them.

You should now be connected as neighbours and gifts may be exchanged and you can visit their airport / city!

If you send a friend request to a forum member:

* You should "tag" them or send them a private message telling them you did so. Many forum members do not accept blind friend requests, especially from possible non forum members. When you input their code (Like instructed above), they will receive 200 coins.

* Once that member has received your friend request, they should input your friend code to complete the connection. This would give you 200 coins.

You should now be connected as neighbours and gifts may be exchanged and you can visit their airport / city!

If you have just started out, you may be unaware that there are also some bonus features that are available in the game that you can take advantage of. These include:

* Every weekend, G! puts out a weekend code. This code gives you <b>3 greenies, and $2000</b> in coins when you input it. The code is usually first posted in the Airport City News forum. It can be input into the same place you put friend codes.

* Every other week, G! offers land expansions at 50% off. This is a great way of increasing your airport or city size.

* Every other week opposite from the land expansion sale, is a <b>300% bank offer</b>, where when you purchase greens or cash with real money, you would get 300% more for the same amount of real money (Ex: instead of 32 greens for $8.99, you would get 96.)

*I also highly recommend you to view this section of the forum first. One of our members Captain WH Rollins has created some amazing guides which will hopefully answer many questions you may have - https://www.airportcitygame.com/forums/capt-wh-rollins-guides.65/

* This site - https://www.airportcitygame.com/wiki/ - is great for finding out what items are needed to complete all buildings, items required for flights, excavation flights, space launches, etc. You should bookmark it for future reference.

The forum also has some special features that you can take advantage of that may interest you as well:

* This thread - https://www.airportcitygame.com/forums/vip-lounge.30/ will allow you to actually become a "VIP member" for a small yearly fee of £5. This helps gets rid of the ads, and defrays the cost of running this forum, that has benefited all those that are members! (Plus, everyone here is pretty friendly, helpful and are generally really cool people).

The above are merely suggestions and information to help you with your game play and forum experience. How you choose to proceed is entirely up to you!

Good luck and most of all, have fun!

Dave & The Team
Airport City Game

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