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  • Ich suche freude plz add me. Brauche hilfe bei meinen Raketen launch 04kbg0e1w
    Hi, I am new in the forum. First of all, I need neighbors in the game, second I just wanted to ask, that how to increase the airport cash fluency in the game? Thanks in advance.
    plz send me some beautiful bulaid pices that i bulaid the my city
    Once again I can’t find the thread for compleated Cinemania posts. Can you point me in the right direction please.?
    Hello, I wanted to edit my thread to say Launched, however, I do not have the option "Thread tools" next to Watch thread.
    Can you have a look at it please?
    Tried Chrome and Firefox but to no avail.
    hi, my game on level 55 are stuck and freez i am continue play and waiting for 1 week, after 1 week resetting the phone, but game not available on my (htc wp 8) please help to re installing the game in my phone.
    I am slow and new and still trying to figure all this out.
    Lots to read. Thanks to everyone for all the info!
    How are you?
    i am start a youtube channel for new user airport city free 2 fly. i make videos for new users that how to start game complete level. can i post my videos link our forum?

    Muhammad Ishaq
    3) If you have any influence with GI I would appreciate your assistance in getting this resolved. Otherwise I will no longer play this game if this is how they make their money. By the way I have played for 6 months day and night and achieved level 60, 100 Stars and 8 Hearts. This was no easy task but I did enjoy the commeradrie of the folks on the game forum and this forum as well. Shep
    2) I believe this to be an underhanded approach by GI to steal real money from their players. No other game that I play uses this approach to steal money. With any other game if you want to purchase something you actively go to a store and purchase it. If I wanted a Mystery Building I would have gone to the store or the Blimp. I wanted to use these greenies that I purchase for the Land Expansion sale only.
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