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How are you using "Secret Basement"?

The SB increases the drop rate for buildings. I use during some events for drops in my own city for event items. With neighbours you can use it for their event buildings too. I find the drop rate for the standard buildings is good, training centres, planetarium and astronaut academies all,have reasonable drop rates for space items
Additionally to what @Brian D said (with whom I completely agree):
No, secret basement does not work on snow patches. You'll have to use other bonuses for that purpose: Big Score, Collectors Rich Catch or A Plentiful Harvest. Snow patches classify as "hazards" for GI
I've decided to test it on Training Center. Duration seems to be pretty much useless as you run out of neighbors. What is the max neighbor visit?
12 neighbors. If you use the Friend in Need bonus you'll be able to click 10 times on each city (+1 watching vid)
If you activate close to reset you'll be able to double the visits: 12 before and 12 after reset
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