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View My Signature - Jenn B

Signature Updated: July 31, 2023
Operating System: Windows 10
My Game Name: JennB - (most needed item)
My Friend Code: 20R5Z6LRV (Please PM me if sending a neighbor request)
Game Status Level: 80 Star Skills Status Level: 1131 Reputation Status Level: 20
Alliance: MiRoSaGo
Playing since: December 2019

Gift items greatly appreciated from neighbors:
Most-needed flight item is in my game name. I also like F20 if you cannot send that item.

Gifting Philosophy:
- First gifts go to alliance members, then to my regular trading partners.
- Please include your most-needed item in your game name. If you are one of my regular trading partners, please PM me if you need building items.
- If I am unable to reciprocate your gift with anything you currently need, I will gift F20 in return.

Launch Rules:
Please feel free to join any of my launches, unless otherwise stated.

Visitor Attractions in My City:
(they are few, but they are very pretty!)
- 6x Planetariums
- 6x Training Centers
- 6x Cosmic Fuel Station
- 1x Research Lab
- MCC3, Red pad, Blue pad, Green pad
- 6x Stone Castles
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