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Friend Code: 2048UGAF
In Game Name: Benny CT USA
Level: 36 as of 11/14/2022
Level: 55 as of 3/10/2023
Skill Stars: 75 as of 11/14/2022
Skill Stars: 206 as of 3/10/2023

FC codes:

Benny CT USA 20481UGAF <- Main
Benny Backup 33KW5XNNX
Benny Backup2 339TVNHS0
Benny Backup3 337GWR11B
Benny Backup4 33YHMJ9VV
Benny Backup5 33DV6KQBB
Benny Backup6 33AWA8VRS

Cara 33KZQ6TGR
Cara Backup 1 33493B4RB

If you receive f20 from my backups, either send back to same acct or to main please.
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