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Dear top-20 alliances, can you please tone it down for this next week?

Hi to all of the top-20 alliances! I know many of you are quite comfortable using the loopholes in the game to get millions of pax every week. We are all quite used to this and have accepted it as a part of playing this game.

But for this next week, can you please tone it down and allow our sister alliance, MiTenRaBo, to fly high?
They have been saving fuel and bonuses for months. They all fly legitimately, (i.e., without the "loopholes" in the programming that allow you to get a ton of pax every week).
There used to be a chat wherein the alliance leaders could declare that they were going for top place, and the other alliances would back off for one week. Can we do this for this week? I promise that one week without a high-level alliance chest will not cripple your game. I can return this favor by supporting any launches you want with a QL and all the points needed this week. Just PM me to arrange it.

I would be most appreciative if you could help us out here! 😊

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