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    Need to complete a Fuel Station H for the choppers.
    Greetings all. Hope someome can help getting a Mobile Fuel Station and Fuel Filter? Link up with me on 2023xcdd. cheers
    I understand that you are taking over the Green party while Mouse is away. I would like to be in the rotation.
    Hi Ten33go, would you please invite me from both your games. I would need 2 Washing Machines, atm I will be sending you flight items.
    Thanks in advance, Pit1024 (IOS)
    hi ten33go when i updated i lost all my neighbors could you please add me, username-angelB and code 20t8yvl8 thanks :)
    Can I get your friend code for one of your accounts and I will send you a gift and vice versa?
    Welcome aboard Ten and thanks for your reply, it's a little bit hard for me to post right now.
    Thank you sir! No worries, I know how it can go sometimes.
    Thank you for the Cash Counter. I have sent Pearl Earrings and Landing Lamp to your accounts. Could you send me Stamp from your Ten2 account? Thx
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    Sure, no problem at all. Was going to do that anyway. *Wink, wink, nudge, nudge*
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