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Recent content by Stephen Hudson

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    General How Duty Free Shop Works

    I agree with Robbie Laker. If you are a newer,less experienced player,then try and get hold of Spy Glass,Golden Dice and/or Dice.Do not necessarily need Sky Captain every time,although can also improve drop rate. Then land as many guest planes as you can. You will find that items for Duty Free...
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    Windows Reward for specific destination.

    Thanks to A350 and Arch for your responses. Much appreciated👍
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    Windows Reward for specific destination.

    Wow,first time to my knowledge I have got a ranking like that in almost 4yrs playing. Thanks Barkmi4.
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    Windows Reward for specific destination.

    Hi all,just a quick question regarding a reward received this morning. I opened my game,and amongst the usual bits a pieces I noticed a reward for ranking 80th to destination Iceland. I have been flying Eagle aircraft to Iceland to get hold of the crest item.I have not seen this award come up...
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    Weekend code 11/09/20

    Thanks,all bonuses are gratefully received.
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    Update 7.25 is OUT !

    As there is still no windows update,I am not going to bother with this event. I am not going to get chance to check again for the update until sometime tomorrow evening. By then other players will be 24 hours ahead in their games. It is disappointing but it sounds like I won't be missing much...
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    Update 7.25 is OUT !

    It would be nice to at least have a look at it. Still waiting for Windows update🤪
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    General Adventure flight strategy: Aztec collection

    I have completed the Aztec Adventure quite recently. Without bonuses it could take you a lot longer to complete. If you have plenty of fuel,then go for it.You should be able to complete the collections using the mentioned bonuses and a bit of luck.Prepare to be frustrated from time to time,as...
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    Update 7.23 preview

    I have actually enjoyed this new format.Barring the bugs,I like it.
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    Update 7.23 preview

    Yeah,not really bothered about the strait jackets in this event now. I am also missing a mystery plane but then again not a big thing for me right now.I got a Jumbo S1 on the completion of level 19.That will come in useful.Otherwise my priorities don't really call for another large plane right...
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    Best $5 ever spent

    Arch,thanks for that,it seems I did miss one of them.It may have been level 15,but I'll have to check what I got instead.
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    What is your land expansion cost

    Not sure what expansion number I am up to,but each square costs 80 greens standard,or 40 when on sale. Will buy more land this weekend as it should be on sale.I have the reward building from this current event to put into my city,plus I'll soon have a third cloud castle to put in as well.
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    Best $5 ever spent

    I paid £4.19 and amongst the goodies I got a Jumbo S1.Along with my 2 Jumbo Rangers,it will come in useful for 3 starring standard flights and also map flights. A little confused as to why some are expecting a second mystery plane.Did I miss something?.There is an offer for a Mystery Plane in...
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    Windows Advice needed - cloud clicking....

    I have issues with the clouds. 1,some clouds appear then dissappear before you get chance to click on them. 2,some days I click on 150/200 clouds and not a single item drop from them.Even with bonuses in play. Anyone else get this?
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    Soar or Store?: The Planes of Airport City

    Looking at the games planes,the closest comparisons to real aircraft I can come to is as follows. Swift=Cross between a BAe Jetstream 31 and a Beech King Air. Owl=Cross between an ATR42 and DHC8Q-400. Hawk=Cross between an A320/1 and B737-900 Raven=An upgraded B727. Eagle=Resembles an Antonov...
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