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Sambhav Jain
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  • Hi SJ,
    I see your game SJ_ E-READERS is Zzz. Do you take a break or I have to re-invite you with a new code?
    Sambhav Jain
    Sambhav Jain
    I deleted Game. Don't have time to play NOW... You can delete my game
    Sorry if hijacked your launch! See your msg too late.
    Sambhav Jain
    Sambhav Jain

    You did nothing wrong.. That message was for marek.
    He hijacked Alex and airblues earlier..

    I am helping everyone..
    I just put 2 points less.. So don't worry.. I am backing you up
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    Hi there, I have sent a friend request (I think), hope you will accept. If you cannot see can you add af40w2p
    Hi Sambhav Jain,
    Would you pls accept my friend's requests - I am still at 25/60 black wraiths and would appreciate any aerosol support in the next 6 days. Could you return them if I send bright lantern?
    Sent a request of my second game Infiltrados to Sj2 and will send to Sj at night (in Brazil). Could you accept me please?
    BTW I didnt find the code for Sj.
    Hi! could you please accept me as a friend? my code is aue36kn. I'd like to visit your planetariums. I am on a 60 level and have 483 stars. thank you in advance
    Could you add my captain tneil iPad game I don't have you as neighbour on this game and don't know your code thanks
    Thanks for the rangefinder to spearman78. Would you mind telling me what you got from me in return?
    Thanks again
    Sambhav Jain
    Sambhav Jain
    Sorry for late reply...
    I received a rangefinder from ur game spearman
    No problem...thanks a lot
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