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  • I would like to join the fuel ring please. I never have enough fuel to finish weekly missions. My friend code is 204ofdl. Name in game is DolfinAir F20PLZ. Still not getting many neighbors sending fuel! Most people too wrapped up in their own needs, or treating neighbors like they are not real people maybe! Best wishes, Gay
    i, I recently joined this forum (been playing AC for several years on and off, as does my husband).
    Today I started playing Township. I would love to have you as a friend there please, I sent you an invite, my town is called Afloat, on the forum I'm Floatie Magic (same in AC).

    - - - Thanks for adding :)
    Don't pay real money for a game that changes the rules constantly. You have no idea what may come next to ruin the fun for you completely.
    Thank you all, I did good progress with your help - and with intensive flying to the right cities. :)
    Currently a bit stuck but working on it. ;) Underestimated how difficult it is to get the items needed to improve buildings.
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