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  • I sent you request, hope you accept.
    Will be glad to be your neighbour.
    If you have no request from me, Plzz add me
    Thank you
    Hi, Would you plz add me? My neighbor code is ax7tnxp. username is ' ! A! Come to my W'
    I want to be your neighbor. Thank you
    Hey I just added you in game, hope that's ok. Please accept my add as I am in dire need neighbours to visit and I have gifts to send. Thx
    Great, I will do so next circle, which will be 18 hours from now. I hope I could manage it as I have asked for game transferTake care
    hi.... i jus t added u to my AYEN*** game.
    can u accept me?
    i need grinding machine.

    i can send u: spare propeller, fuel hose, deicer, osc beacon, perfume n fuel20
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