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  • What's up all!!!! Diabloscort is back!!! I am playing my back up city.... El Diablo is the name of it... Code: 04pv8ec3
    My dear neighbor, I visit everyday, is not in my neighbors list anymore :(
    Can we be friends again? I will bring cookies when I'm visiting ^^

    edit: A change of username it was ;-) good to have you
    Hi Diablo, I have sent you a friend request and hope you will accept once again (Onto a new game after that last one broke). Username will be *jgm* - server If you have another *jgm* friend then it is my old game that is lost so you can delete that one.

    i am not playing on Android device for now. As my is getting old and battery life is not good.
    Need any blue launches? im trying to set up Ql party!
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    Reactions: Diabloscort
    I Sent you request from my both Games
    iOS : gabii526 and android: axd8t3j
    I am a good Friend of diablo
    Please add me as your neighbour, try to entervyou vriend code and only worked on one of my games, friend code af6wttd
    I am waiting for you to open the launch. I am on blue with minime to assist you with some points so that you can get your map. Too bad my QL expired. :)
    If you still need to get maps from blue, I can help you with my active QL. Pls let me know. :)
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