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Recent content by Ali9797

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    New Alliance Looking for Active Members

    Just set up a new alliance and Im looking for three active members that can complete at least one task every week. Let me know if interested!
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    No more flights

    Ill join
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    blue launch using QL for event. changing to green

    Yes, sorry about that.
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    QL Party Friend Requests

    Add me if you are running QLs please! 03hjt1re0
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    3QL Green Launch COMPLETED

    Added, interested for completing the event. Thank you!
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    Wicked Weekend Blue = ENDED

    Accidentally launched last time, just read the rules right now. I have enough powerful explosive bolts for a few launches.
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    Green Launch About to start the launch

    Friend request sent
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    General Silver Tokens

    Is there a guide on what is the best items to spend silver tokens on. For example which building I should be getting first. Thank you.
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    7.6 update

    Anyone else collected all the other items ober 10 times apart from Cranberry syrup?
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    game studio items

    Add me, I can help
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    Airport City Event

    Add me, I can gift whatever gift items im able to send
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    iOS Major alliance bug

    No alliance reward or points for me too
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    Dark Skies 2019 Award

    I forgot to post, Ive completed the event
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    General Unopened Gifts Limit?

    Just spotted this, thank you.
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