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What i need


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I am in Desperate need for: (2) washers and (3) ironers and
(1)centerfuge. thank you

i'd be gratefull for any and all duty free items i never say no to them.

Items i can send are:
(5) passengers,fuel (3)and (20),fuel catalyst,all-inclusive bracelet,Imprinter,skin care products,paint,Generator,travel guide,Landing lamp,powerful radio Transmitter,Powerful Radio Transmitter, Video wall, Robot tester,security camera,
filled candies, fuel supply, Aircraft tire,Calculator,Fuel Additives,insulation,additional radar,perfume,Ergonomic chair,spair wire,stamp,passenger seat,flight catering,weather Display, Navigation Module,Transmitter,fuel hose,altimeter,Spare propeller,wall speaker, deicer,TV panels,Airline Route map,wireless compass,centerfuge,blanket,Attitude indicator:D(y):):):)

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