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Windows New Laptop


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PLMerry [what I need], PLM2, & PLM3
I bought a new laptop and am in the process of transferring my PLMerry game from the old computer to the new. I have sent the required information to Gi support, so I am at their mercy as to when PLMerry will be available for game play again.
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You can try the following, which to work for me. Not sure if it is supported and it may get you banned but it does work.

Start by installing and creating a game on the new laptop.
Then on your old system go to C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Packages you should see a folder called something like "0EB8BD08.AirportCity_erk4rrwmt7jyt"
Copy that folder to your new system and start the game.
When you start the game on your new system it will say there are 2 versions of your game Server and Local and will give the choice of which one you want to keep. Obviously choice which one is newer or you may lose some of your progress.
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