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Items for AGE OF ASH.

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Why is het so difficult to get items from flight for this event. And why is there always 1 from 5 item you don't get. From some I have 12 and others 0.
Even when I use bonus I don't get any.
I play a lot but don't get any items.
For example the building you have to visit in your own town. I don't even get items to build it.


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The drop rate for items is very seldom. Adding one bonus will only improve drop rate to a bit more than very seldom. If you really want to get through the drops, add ALL the drop rate bonuses at the same time and fly a batch to Los Angeles. Whether the flight is with a hawk or condor, the drop rate is the same. So spend less fuel to send a hawk than a condor and get the same chances.

As for the collection items, they drop randomly. Once the plane decides to drop, you have equal chances of getting any of the 5 items. That means it would be really weird to have the same number of each item in the collection. It also means that everyone will have an item in the collection that is always holding them back.

I will finish by saying this is probably the hardest of all the events. It's not uncommon to not finish the first time playing it.
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