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All New Tadashi is recruiting!!

We've been around for a long time and have recently lost a player to that strange "real life" people are talking about and therefore we are looking for a new talent. We are a friendly top-20 alliance consisting of both very experienced players as well as new talents. We have jolly chat groups on different topics on messenger and forums for more strategic and ongoing discussions.

We are looking for a flying talent who...
✈️ believes in Respect, Communication, Growth and Fun
✈️is as addicted to the game as we are
✈️️ enjoy a friendly atmosphere where we help each other with tips and strategies
✈️️ enjoy having small talks with each other
✈️️ preferably fly at least around 75k-100k pax every week, depending on your game level
✈️ is willing to develop your game

Almost forgot - no tasks required.

If you're interested in joining us, please contact @Matbja, @Bob69bob or myself.

Looking forward to fly with you!
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