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Airport City for Beginners (Part 1 V.1.0)

New to Airport City ? No problem ! Let's start with Level 1 and end this post with Level 5.

Level 0 : (When you are downloading the game)
Well as I am in Level 26 now, I'm not really sure whether if I am correct. Just remind or comment me. Thanks !
Things you will get when you download :

Residential BuildingsCommercial BuildingsDecorations+Max Population BuildingsElectricityFuelOthers
Cottage X3N/ATree X2 (or NONE ?)Town Hall LV 1Powerful Wind Turbine X2FREE FUELN/A
Side Wing X2 Small Lake X1
Passengers / Minute: 5$$$ / Minute:
Decorations : +5% Decorations X3Max Population :
Max Electricity :
Fuel Per Minute :
+1 Plane Fuel for FREE

Level 1 :
It's literally just a tutorial, you will be able to finish it with Malden Airborn's help.

Level 2 :
Some parts are just tutorials, just follow them such as buying 3 cottages, buy a new runway, and build one more Terminal Section 1 ?

Level 3 to 5 :
Follow the instructions and buy more other Buildings, very easy to complete tasks.

Recommended Buildings:
Name (Amount)TypePriceSizeProfitReason
Cottages (6) 🥈Residential60 coins1x11 Passenger/ Minute
5-99% Bonus: 2/ Minute
Useful for frequent players, for Levels 1 to 15 👍👍👍
Side Wing (4-6) 🥉Residential180 coins1x12 Passenger/ Minute
5%-49% Bonus: 3/ 2 Minutes
50-99% Bonus : 4/2 Minutes
Useful for frequent players. Not recommended for adding Bonuses, just buy them after you have 6 cottages.
Manor (2-4) 🥇Residential350 coins2x2
9 Passenger/ 15 MinutesUseful for some players always online but not so 'clicky', though somewhat space consuming.
Eateries (6) 🥉Commercial70 coins1x11 coin/30 seconds
Useful for very frequent players, short term investment only.
Grocery Store (4-6) Commercial901x12 coins/ 2 minutesUseful for frequent players. Not recommended for adding Bonuses, just buy them after you have 4-6 eateries.
Flower Shop (6) 🥈Commercial1601x19 coins/ 10 minutesUseful for some players always online but not so 'clicky'.
Car Dealership
(Must Buy 6) 🥇
Commercial3502x236/ 20 minutes (1.8/minute)
Although 0.2 fewer coins per minute than eateries, it is useful for players online every 20 minutes and want to get profit.
(20 minutes ? Because flying to Cyprus takes 20 minutes ! LOL) 👍👍👍
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