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white whale

  1. S

    Guide to Link your accounts to trail.gg and get the White Whale

    What is trail.gg? trail.gg is a website to link your progress to game insight's windows server. What is a White Whale? The White Whale is a floating blimp that produces 2 fuel every 5 minutes, can be speeded up by watching an ad or with 2 Airport cash Steps to link your account : 1. Register...
  2. Dancing Dolphin

    Windows White Whale

    Hi All, One of my neighbors has a "White Whale" (some kind of airship, drifting over their city. Clicking on it reveals it makes fuel, but I can't seem to find out more about it - like how to get one...Also, can never get the special codes to work, so maybe I am doing something wrong. I am not...
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