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  • Hi Robobobo888, it's Spooksue here from Australia and I would like to be your neighbour. My friend code is 20oohxfj.
    Is everything ok with your game? I just tried to visit your AC from my gift support and got a warning (something like, your neighbor must be using an outdated version)
    Grateful to all my trading partners, but can only send back 20 gifts a day. It's nothing personal if I can't promptly return a gift :(
    Hi, thank you for adding me, and thanks for your gift !
    I wanted to send you something back, but unfortunately my game did not reset last night, so I am not able to send anything, or visit any neighbours today.. I also lost some of my progress.....so just wanted to let you know !!
    Hi Robobobo my friends code on Township is ECMPF3 I am in a co-op (S.A.O.) currently full. Feel free to send an invite to be friends Thanks
    I saw your post about a support account. I've been reading up about it myself. There is one post about how to start a fuel ring (sorry I haven't figured out how to create links yet but I'm sure if you search "Fuel ring" you will find it). I am interested in trying to start a fuel ring and wanted to see if you'd like to join in?
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