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    6.24 update

    Friend request sent
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    QL Green Launch Event all positions open!

    Friend request sent
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    Android & iOS- March Trading Thread

    Hi Teboho, thanks for all the hammer drills - I think that I'm set for now. I'll continue sending you gifts per your game name.
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    Android & iOS- March Trading Thread

    Accepted, will do!
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    Android & iOS- March Trading Thread

    Hi Everyone, If anyone could send me the following items, that would be great. They are listed in order of preference. Edge Banding Machine, Hammer Drill Infrared Camera, Motion Sensor, Coffee Machine, Observation Drone Fuel 20 Perfume, Chocolate Candies My signature shows what I can send...
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    Blue Launch On the pad, captain taken

    All are welcome to join
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    Blue Launch Launched!

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    Blue Launch Launched!

    All are welcome, captain taken
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    Blue Launch Launched!

    1320/2000 with only 2 people on board
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    Blue Launch Launched!

    All are welcome to join!
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    Blue Launch Launched!

    All are welcome
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    Santa’s bad mood 2018

    I might be wrong, but i have a theory that when a neighbor visits a snowbank, the game shows that to the person visited as an airport-side coin building visit. But maybe i'm wrong, i don't have any support accounts so no way of reading my theory.
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    Blue Launch Launched

    A non forum member im pretty sure
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