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    Update 7.23 preview

    It seems there isn't a daily reward for this event
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    Blue Launch Launched Blue launch 1500/2000

    Add me 04o5btqnv
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    Riding The Comet 2020 Award

    Done. Thanks
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    Standard launch please join in. QL welcomed.

    Join my launch 04o5btqnv
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    Green QL

    04o5btqnv for later on
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    3QL Green Launch COMPLETED

    Hi Ken I will love to be part of the launch too 04o5btqnv
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    Green Launch Launched

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    Hoping to boost my neighbour numbers

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    Active QL

    04zdhdf6t I already sent a request
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    Blue Launch Launch with me

    Join my blue launch with 7hrs to go 04zdhdf6t
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    7.0 update is out

    so who has moved already.it seems you get some items as rewards or gifts
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    Age of Ash 2019 Award

    Done at last
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    Watching videos in 7.0

    Same here
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    Planes missing in reserve hanger

    30ziax1gs. So sad I had to sell my plane to get it to be normal again.
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