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Neil ellor
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  • Bill no problem I understand got to do my maths now to see how to do it hopefully meet on the next launch Neil
    Neil - my apologies - cannot take a chance - I don't have enough for a SOLO - GI Software dumped me into a SOLO last Monday and it costs me most of my supplies. I made it with 20 minutes to go!!! Again - cannot take a chance and egt dumped into a SOLO. Bill PS GOOD LUCK ! ! ! ! !.
    If you want to take a punt go for the second but I understand if you don't I think I can go it alone
    Bill I am not sure I think it's best if you do nothing you may lose what you put in. I have rebooted and it seems ok from my side 812 in
    Neil - confused - which launch is the real one ??? They are approx 6 seconds apart. Do I join the first (earlier one) or the later one. ???
    Bill I must have added to the second? The bar marker was showing 812 but my avatar was showing 44?
    Neil something is wrong - when I attempt to join your launch I see two launches. One is approx. 6 seconds later that the other ???? Don't know what to do ??? Bill
    Neil go for it and put in 800 as quick as possible. I will add 620 as quick as I can -- then we can slo burn.
    Neil - OK we are neighbors - just sentyoua FH. When will you launch. Is it a P2 launch. You get Gold Im looking for 2nd or 3rd. .
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