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  1. maxsander


    Angie I didn't know what happened but I was expelled from your alliance angie 2 , please add me back
  2. maxsander

    Age of Ash all Stars

  3. maxsander

    Awarded 500 stars

    Please upgrade.
  4. maxsander

    Awarded 500 Star Club

    Please upgrade.
  5. maxsander

    7.13. update

    Android version updated and crashed
  6. maxsander

    Statue of Paul Bunyan

    I meant in his game if he has it.
  7. maxsander

    Statue of Paul Bunyan

    Sh show the picture if you have it, I just wanna see that
  8. maxsander

    Statue of Paul Bunyan

    Does anyone knows who has it??
  9. maxsander

    6.26 update

    Sorry, but as you don't know my life I can't judge, anyways don't need to ask any to no one anymore, won't leave the forum cause it's public but won't ask for help specially from you.
  10. maxsander

    6.26 update

    I was wondering how or what you need to do to get the Eiffel tower???
  11. maxsander

    6.26 update

    finish the event
  12. maxsander

    6.25 update

    I was platinum in the morning, then went to this.
  13. maxsander

    6.25 update

    But I was getting platinum bonuses, 5 instead of 3
  14. maxsander

    6.25 update

    How is this possible??
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