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  1. J

    Update 7.25 is OUT !

    I dont'get how people in competition can have 14700 flasks ?
  2. J

    Update 7.25 is OUT !

    I play everyday serveral hours since 7 years. I purchassed a premium ticket, used hard earned lucky tickets and I won't be able to finish this quest ! 4 days left, and I'am only level 16... It's the first quest I won't be able to finish in 4 years ! I think we shoudn't have to pay to finish a...
  3. J

    Update 7.23 preview

    It's a copy of sim city build it event system. I guess we are gonna be tempted by the premium class.... Hope it's not 49$, no one will by it a this price !
  4. J

    General Business Angel Collection

    How do we get items to complete the Businnes Angel Collection ? When you click on the different items, there is no indication. Design Bureau Is nice
  5. J

    7.21 preview

    Update is Online !
  6. J

    7.20 Out on Android, iOS & Windows

    Nice, I hope they will do that for every event. A good opportunity for nice building I missed !
  7. J

    Let's Talk 8.0 Shall We?

    I would like to able to choose the look of the townhall besacause they look so much better in lower levels : The same goes with terminal.
  8. J

    7.20 Out on Android, iOS & Windows

    Thanks for the tip. I had 20 tags in 1 hour. Even if I feel like I'am wasting a spyglass... But I've been saving fuel for months for that event and to manage to get the 8500 drumsticks for a biker bar. Really hard event...
  9. J

    7.20 Out on Android, iOS & Windows

    2 hours clicking plane like a mad person. 2 baggage tag ! :mad:
  10. J

    7.20 Out on Android, iOS & Windows

    Baggage tag drop rate is really really bad !
  11. J

    New Special Bonus Code for 1 Green

    Amazing indeed
  12. J

    City Population

    I don't have issue with the population cap or the passenger cap. It well balanced and there is indeed many ways to icrease that. My point is just that population do not reflect the city as you can see on my city picture. Do you know city with 1 500 inhbitants that big with skyccrapers and and...
  13. J

    City Population

    I think Airport City should rethink the population system. When I look at my city, It feels like a city of at least 100 000 inhabitants. But In fact I have just 1 585 inhabitants. Maybe they should for exemple add a zero to the population and max population of all buildings Another thing is...
  14. J

    Any signs of version 7.15 yet..?

    And the mail kiosk is upgrated too
  15. J


    It's started !
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