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Recent content by Ceve

  1. Ceve

    Holiday Rush 2019 Award

    All done! Thank you! :)
  2. Ceve

    Thanksgiving Day 2019 Award

    All done :)
  3. Ceve

    iOS Major alliance bug

    Same here, no alliance reward as of yet.
  4. Ceve

    Dark Skies 2019 Award

    Event completed! Thank you :)
  5. Ceve

    Curse of the Valley of the Kings Award

    Event done! Thank you :)
  6. Ceve

    Windows No advertisements as of today

    It's working again, guess there was a delay or so :)
  7. Ceve

    Windows No advertisements as of today

    I am not getting any ads, to speed up repairs or get free flight items, or to change the daily mission, etc. Worked yesterday, today they are gone. :(:mad:
  8. Ceve

    Back to School 2019 Award

    Event done quickly, thank you :)
  9. Ceve

    The Great Game 2019 Award

    Mission accomplished, thank you :)
  10. Ceve

    Windows Parking error in Service vehicle park

    See attached images. Before: After servicing Terminal 1, the bottom car moves to the position above it, which is occupied by the "Dinky Toy" :)
  11. Ceve

    Weekend Code 02 August 2019

    It's August already :)
  12. Ceve

    Age of Ash 2019 Award

    Event complete, thanks for the reward :)
  13. Ceve

    6.31 update

    Ok Windows update finally arrived :)
  14. Ceve

    6.31 update

    Still no update on Windows, what's up with that? :mad:
  15. Ceve

    Cinemania 2019 - Award

    Event done :) Thanks in advance for the reward :)
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