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Recent content by Bobster

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    Map Runs

    The Bottomless Barrel combination adds fuel capacity i just double checked it and JP has only 50% item drop.
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    Map Runs

    I combined SC and JP 2 weeks ago it is possible. It is also possible to combine Business Class and Comfort Class atleast its not greyed out or something and you can combine bottomless barrel and extra fuel tank too I just tested it.
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    Recent S3 map runners?

    First run last week or so Düsseldorf SC,JP,SG,GD,D 73 Flights, 13 drops, 17,8% Hamburg SC,JP,SG,GD,D 121 Flights, 19 drops, 15,7% Cologne SC,JP,SG,GD,D 108 Flights, 18 drops, 16,6% and today I have no clue how and why they are better .... Munich SC,SG,GD,D 84 Flights, 18 Drops, 21,4%...
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    General Random advert pop ups.

    I had them on Android today i think 3 or 4 times and like @VdW9 said after the V8.0 update i had them 1 or 2 times and it was fine after.
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    Update 8.1 is out

    So if you look at your SC,SG,Dice,GD they dont effect guestplanes anymore right ? Guestplanes are now only effected from the new Express Delivery or am i wrong here ?
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    Awarded 150 Stars

    Passed the 150 Stars in the last days ;)
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    Red Launch Captain WH Rollins Standard Launch Flight Closed

    What is your friendcode ? I want to join ;) my friendcode is: 20kvlqyg6
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    Daily F20 Trading

    Same here Josh only added my support not my main Account
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    GI wrote on discord today: Mr. Wrightheute um 11:29 Uhr >Windows users got lucky tickets instead. Will they receive plane chests too Make sure that you have updated to the latest version. (if you saw lucky ticket - it might be just graphical glitch) Hopefully we will start sending lost...
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    Daily F20 Trading

    I can send you daily F20 from my Support Account 041o0dfl9 and need F20 on my Main Account 20kvlqyg6
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    Red Launch Red Launch LAUNCHED

    2326/3000 still enough place for some easy coins ;)
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    Red Launch Red Launch LAUNCHED

    Added you ;)
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    Red Launch Red Launch LAUNCHED

    First taken rest is open ;): Friendcode: 20kvlqyg6
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    Control Tower - All upgrades

    CT Level 8 upgrade I need 1 Airline Route Map 3 Headset Tell me what you need ;) and I take a look if I have it :)
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    Amazon, Android, iOS & Windows - July Trading Thread

    Yes thank you :) and Airline Route Map is on the way ;)
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