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Recent content by Asondh

  1. Asondh

    Awarded 1100 Stars 🌟

    3 now , to be eaxact (y) :D. welcome to the club in advance
  2. Asondh

    Awarded 1100 Stars 🌟

    Please award 1100 stars . Thanks in advance Sharn
  3. Asondh

    Trading Partners Needed for 4 Level 80 Supports

    Looking for Daily and Stable Trading Partners for Higher Level Gifts . I have a few Level 80 supports that can gift to your main. I expect the same in Return. PM Me to setup the Trade. Regards Sharn
  4. Asondh

    Awarded 1000 Star Reached

    The picture was clicked at a lake called Pangong Tso , Ladakh , India . Situated at ~15000 feet above sea level
  5. Asondh

    Awarded 1000 Star Reached

    Reached my personal goal of 1000 stars . 🌟 Thanks for the award in advance
  6. Asondh

    Awarded 900 stars 🌟

    That was quick 800 to 900 . Thanks to new event Please award
  7. Asondh

    Awarded 700+ Stars

    Well played!! Congratulations 🎊
  8. Asondh

    Awarded 700+

    Well.played . Congratulations
  9. Asondh

    Awarded 800 Stars

    Kindly award 800 badge . Screenshot enclosed Tia Sondh
  10. Asondh

    Resetting Bilateral Gifting

    I completely revamped my Gifting , hence any Bilateral Gifting done with some you guys has been reset as well. this is for the kind information please Regards Sharn
  11. Asondh

    Awarded 700 Stars

    Forgot to claim 600 then almost forgot 700. Touching 800 soon . Please award 700 stars badge Thanks and Regards Sharn
  12. Asondh

    Time to Rock 2021 Award

    Done & Dusted ( All levels + Tasks )
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