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Recent content by ABC6666

  1. ABC6666

    Age of Ash 2019 Award

    Completed. :)
  2. ABC6666

    Long Awaited Mail 2019 - Award

    Finished in time, with a couple of hours left on the clock.. :)
  3. ABC6666

    Easter Cheer 2019 - Award

    Done, another easy one thanks to alle the stuff I had from last year. :)
  4. ABC6666

    Riding the Comet 2019 - Award

    Done (y)(y)
  5. ABC6666

    The Spring Has Come 2019 Event Award

    Done.. this was a very easy one.. (y)
  6. ABC6666

    Join the 150+, 350+, ... and up to 1200+ Star Club

    Finally got the 350 took al long time to get here.. (y)
  7. ABC6666

    On the Wings Of love 2019 - Award

    This was a easy one.. (y)(y)
  8. ABC6666

    A Walk in the Clouds 2019 - Award

    Finished it early, but forgot to post IT..
  9. ABC6666

    Dragon Rising 2019 - Award

    Finally finished one, after a couple failures... (y)
  10. ABC6666

    Thanksgiving Day 2018 award

    Done, this was an easy one. :)
  11. ABC6666

    Curse of the Valley of the Kings 2018 Award

    Done! :)
  12. ABC6666

    Dark Skies 2018 - Reward

    Finally... :)
  13. ABC6666

    Down the Rabbit Hole 2018 - reward

    Done (y)(y)
  14. ABC6666

    Back to school 2018 - reward

    After 2 events not completing. Finally completed this one. :)
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