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Who wins the World Cup in Russia??

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Kevin1010, 12 June 2018.

  1. Arggers

    Arggers VIP Flyer 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Android, Windows PC
    Ah well. Best team in the night won.

    We're young, and will be back in this situation sooner rather than later.
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  2. That's right - for a young new team, we had a phenomenal run, and as Southgate says, they have way more potential to realise. 2022 anyone?
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  3. European champions before then. (y)
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  4. LjGibbs

    LjGibbs 150+ Star Club VIP Flyer Active Member

    Windows PC
    Couldn't have said it better myself @Arggers

    Watch this space hashtag StillProud :D
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  5. Sorry England, football is not coming home... :)
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  6. Arggers

    Arggers VIP Flyer 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Android, Windows PC
    Yeah it is. Pride, belief, optimism about the future and a rekindled love affair with the team are coming home.

    Just not with the cup...yet.

    EDIT : cos I've seen the above written better elsewhere, so I lifted it (from here:
    Last edited: 12 July 2018
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  7. I guess nobody ! ! And I hope we will win against Croatia like in 1998 !
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  9. Yes ! I think it was a little early ! but next time... English team will affraid other teams !
  10. and semi-final is a great performance ! Yes, England lost one match, but will be at least 4th out of more than 150 teams !
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  11. Just came across this Thread and wanted to say @Dafsade congrats on winning from us belgians thuesday
    saw the match when i was in the nort off france (romily sur seine) visiting family
    and must say they realy know how to celebrate a victory over there
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  12. Really ??? You was in Romilly ??? I was born near Romilly !! In the same department ! At Troyes !!! Your family is auboise ??

    Anyway, thanks a lot !! And I am very sorry for Belgium because they have a really good team !
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  13. i visited troyes and it was a beautiful city i will try to post some pics
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  14. It is totally crazy !!! I am so happy you visited Troyes and found it beautiful :) !!!
  15. 5 hours left before the match ! !

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  16. I hope France wins.;):D(y)
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  18. david smith

    david smith 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Android, Windows PC
    209aba02, 20862zbj,04rn9r1c,20xwk96h
    GMRDR,GMRDR3,DS2, g reeper
    France wins world cup
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  19. Ouiiiiiiiiiii !!!
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  20. congratulations.gif

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