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Who wins the World Cup in Russia??

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Kevin1010, 12 June 2018.

  1. Kevin1010

    Kevin1010 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Obviously we from the Netherlands are not going. Who do you think will win.
  2. Probably not England..... unfortunately... possibly Brazil, Germany or Belgium!
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  3. I hope colombia. LOL
  4. Hope Argentine.
    I'm fan of Italy, but you know... :LOL:
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  5. I guess Germany or Brazil... but, 20 years later, why not France ? ? Mbappé, Griezmann, Dembélé would be able to beat the World Cup top scorer : Juste Fontaine !

    Saturday 12h UTC+2 : France - Australie !
  6. This year's WC may prove to be a close one because you have Portugal showing signs of wanting to dominate, then France who have an ability to surprise, Belgium has a promising prospect, England looks promising as a dark horse then the usual suspects Brazil, Germany. Spain looks dull so I'm not counting on it this time around.
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  7. beautiful analysis !
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  8. Rprobably will not be Spain as they have just sacked there Manager!
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  9. Arggers

    Arggers VIP Flyer 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Android, Windows PC
    Group A
    Russia - Need a big boost from being hosts. Otherwise might not make it from group.
    Saudi Arabia - May cause Russia and Egypt some probs, and will be tidy, but will have to do something special to get out of group.
    Egypt - Not bad, and could finish second. Too much rests on Salah though.
    Uruguay - Will win a very easy group, but will possibly play Portugal in round 2. Get past that and we'll see again

    Group B
    Portugal - Should get 2nd, but for me they're over-rated, as they weren't the best team at the Euros. Will need Ronaldo to carry them in the same way Messi carries Argentina.
    Spain - Should be exciting, however how much will today's news be an issue? Win the group and they're good to fly.
    Morocco - Will be tough and solid, but progress will depend on how they do against Portugal.
    Iran - Feel sorry for them, as they're not bad...but in this group they're finishing 4th.

    Group C
    France - With that squad, they've got to be one of the favourites. Will they win it? Depends on whether egos come into play.
    Australia - No one expects much. No one should be disappointed, then.
    Peru - Depends on how their captain's lifted suspension galvanises them. A good result v Denmark might see them through.
    Denmark - Second place will be a fight between them and Peru. Match day 1 on Saturday afternoon will be fun!

    Group D (This year's Group of Death)
    Argentina - At least one moment of brilliance, but too much rests on Messi. Any slip up would mean 2nd, which means France, which means a plane home.
    Iceland - Will enjoy the experience, and be exactly as they were at the Euros. If they bully anyone like they did v England in 2016 they could qualify.
    Croatia - Could easily win the group. Could easily not qualify. Depends which Croatia turns up.
    Nigeria - A wildcard. Could easily qualify, but they've Argentina in the last game and if anything is needed from that you'd expect Messi to produce.

    Group E
    Brazil - Always strong but a little defensive at the minute. Will be looking to put that 7-1 right.
    Switzerland - You look at their players, you think they should be better. Always seem to get knocked out at 1st knockout round. Same goes for this year.
    Costa Rica - Low scorers, will be winning games 1-0 if they are to qualify. Concede first, and they'll struggle.
    Serbia - Same as Switzerland really. Beat the Swiss and they'll qualify.

    Group F
    Germany - It's Germany - anything less than at least the semi finals will be failure.
    Mexico - Again, should qualify. Will get knocked out in 1st knockout round.
    Sweden - Big Zlatan-shaped hole, but they knocked out Holland and Italy en route. Unless they do something special v Mexico they'll be third.
    South Korea - 1 great player (Son), 22 not so. 4th place and hoping not to get embarrassed.

    Group G
    Belgium - Dark horses, but I think a lack of big match tournament nous will eventually do for them
    England - Too inexperienced for this World Cup, but developing nicely and (for once) relatively likeable. If this squad sticks together for 2022 I think they'll be a force.
    Tunisia - Will make life difficult for Belgium and England. Have been hit with injuries though, which will blunt them.
    Panama - Too old and static to trouble anyone. Enjoy the experience.

    Group H
    Poland - Will score goals. Will then struggle against bigger better teams in the knockouts.
    Senegal - Inconsistent, but will be fun watching them be so. Could cause other teams problems.
    Japan - Have been poor leading up to the World Cup, won't qualify.
    Colombia - Should qualify, but Colombia's biggest threat is themselves.

    Winners will be one of Brazil, Germany, Spain or France.
    Last edited: 13 June 2018
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  10. If Spain doesn't take care, they will be gone after round 1. Fernando Hierro, great player, but as headcoach not really experienced.
  11. Kevin1010

    Kevin1010 150+ Star Club Active Member

    U could ask how important is a coach with such good playerss
  12. Darren Hawken

    Darren Hawken VIP Flyer Active Member

    Sandown Air
    Hard to look past Germany and their superb squad of players and in Timo Werner, they may have unearthed another proper goal scorer (got 33-1 on Germany winning and Werner top scorer)

    Like the look of Brazil, need to be more expansive though

    France look strong and in Griezmann they have arguably the best player in the World Cup

    Not sure what to make of Spain to be honest

    Belgium look hugely overrated, time will tell if I am right or wrong

    England looking good and entertaining, but probably will peak at next World Cup (who would have thought England have the best Youth players around)

    Would love to see Argentina win, just to cement Messi and his stellar career, absolutely sublime player and easily the best of his generation, if not all time

    I love the World Cup and intend to watch all three of Fridays games in the Pub :)
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  13. Marve

    Marve 500+ Star Club VIP Flyer Active Member

    An orchestra with great musicians does not work without a conductor.
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  14. This hurts!!! But so true!!
    I will be surprised if we get a single win. Maybe one draw can be a success!! (n)
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  15. Among Europe and South america, other country must be very strong to win ! Besides, I don't know why !
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  16. Captain WH Rollins

    Captain WH Rollins 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Top Monthly Post Winner

    Windows PC
    Captain WH Rollins
    How to ruin a World Cup football match - broadcast it on a commercial TV station

    Captain WH Rollins
  17. Russia will win !

    I bet Russia 5 - 0 Germany for the last match !

    Ah ah !
  18. Darren Hawken

    Darren Hawken VIP Flyer Active Member

    Sandown Air
    Shame they were playing Saudi Arabia :)
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  19. Ah ah ! Putin paid ! Russia will win !
  20. Darren Hawken

    Darren Hawken VIP Flyer Active Member

    Sandown Air
    Very true :)
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