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The Great Game

Discussion in 'Airport City News' started by luxurycat, 13 June 2018.

  1. Navigata07

    Navigata07 150+ Star Club Active Member

    That's why I said that recent events haven't been very attractive. They aren't offering pax buildings. The last good pax building offer was vday. If they're going to offer a coin building, then make it a worthy one.
  2. I was in Delray the week before Mother’s Day and the weather was perfect. The rain started the day I left. I got lucky. (y)
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  3. I guess not many people are interested to join the race.
    Or maybe the threshold was set too high, since there are no flowers to shear or elves to whack.
  4. Free2Play

    Free2Play Airport City Developer VIP Flyer Active Member

    Android, iPad, iPhone, Facebook, Windows PC
    The Great Game event is not endorsed by or associated wtih FIFA World Cup, otherwise GI will go bankrupt trying to secure the licence.
    This is a totally unrelated in-game football competition that happens to take place at the same time.

    The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred. That kind of stuff.
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  5. Southoftheborder

    Southoftheborder Well-Known Member

    Obviously the case :)

    I was just letting you know.........:eek:
  6. A Merryflyer

    A Merryflyer Active Member

    A Merryflyer
    Don't worry, I am Treasurer of the Dingley Dell Ladies Football Team. We have our bi-annual championship tournament next week. I can let you have the in-game rights and take away any legal worries for lets say a few greenies and the suspension on anyone who manages to fly 13,025,910 passengers in four days.

    If I don't hear back from you in 24 hours, I'll assume we have a deal.
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  7. Navigata07

    Navigata07 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Yes it's been a washout ever since. Still love it here though :D
  8. @Pit1024 ive been in Tampa for a week. Think I’ll be here another one too.
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  9. Pity I didn’t post few days earlier - we might have added a photo together in the collection of AC members’ real life meetings :)
    I’m heading north to Miami today and will leave to Europe on Sunday, so no trip back to Tampa planned.
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  10. Well, this event is a cause of celebration for me - I have reached the Platinum level (albeit in 100th place and for about 2 seconds) for the first time EVER!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  11. Moving through some nice areas there, hope you are enjoying your stay
    in our little part of the world. :cool:

    I could go into a whole long thing about the weather but yeah a bit on wet side.
    Mainly there is a tropical flow coming from the SW causing all this trouble. Not
    normal but also not that unusual.
    Last edited: 14 June 2018
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  12. I have come to a conclusion about the collecting of letters, tickets or whatever in these events.
    Spend them before the conclusion, whether as @Bob69bob said on filler buildings or on the
    event bonuses. Anything is better than the appalling coin exchange rate which is kind of insulting.

    I had spent all but a few a couple events ago. When it was over I noticed I got like 20 coins for
    each item. So last event I keep all of the items never spending one. For my troubles and my about
    17,000 letters...what do I get.... 3000 coins. :wtf:
    Seriously was this a joke, a mistake, I can not fathom the thought process here. So if they have just
    a few will give them a 20 to 1 exchange rate, but if they actually do our event the whole time and
    keep their items will give them a .20 to 1 exchange rate......absurd. :cautious:
  13. Needs more love
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  14. Disco

    Disco Active Member

    Windows Mobile
    A Disco
    HI Guys
    If todays Platinum minimum limit is 1400+ and I have 1462 tickets, why am I still showing as 26+ in Titanium league (800+) and only in line for 3 chests and 250 coins? Am I missing something? Is the top league limited to a certain number of people or something?
  15. Yes. Top100 only
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  16. Congratulations ! ! If I may put my two cents in, 2 seconds is better than nothing ! :D ! So, well done !
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  17. On my list, the 100th position in Platinum league is currently at 1962 tickets and rising. A few minutes ago it was 1925 tickets.
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  18. Heads up if you hit number near (hour to minutes) end of day (23:59UTC) you may not get all of your daily bananas Steel Boxes.
    ACG system does not update Competition in real time.
    Ex:Change your player profile. It updates real time in Alliance & World Map, but not Competition portion. Sometimes closing app completely, then re-opening, helps update, sometimes not.
    G! support blames Player and or Player's Internet connection.
    Is G! stealing bananas???

  19. Anyone having problems with rewards.... currently according to the information button I should be positioned no 93 in Platinum but my rewards are showing no 93 in Titanium!
    Worth reporting !
  20. As discussed many times before, the threshold for different Ligas (like the 1,400+ above for Platinum) is updated only at the reset (midnight UTC). It means that 1,400 Tickets were enough for Platinum at the beginning of the UTC day. At the moment I'm writing this message rank 100 in Platinum has 2,211 Tickets so you need to achieve more than this to be promoted to Platinum.

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