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23 February 2019 at 04:39
31 December 2016
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Thank you for all the gifts. See profile for needs 30 April 2017

Davescharf was last seen:
23 February 2019 at 04:39
    1. Aaroncapusa
      What’s ur code
    2. Chon
      hi my name is chon and my code si 04wpzky1, can give me your code or send me a request?
      Thank you
    3. Andy
      Hi, would you mind if I added you a neighbour, please?
    4. Teboho
      Can I join in the launch?
    5. Blue Jay
      Blue Jay
      Hey, did you contact Robobo888 in regard of the launch group??
    6. Davescharf
      Thank you for all the gifts. See profile for needs
    7. FlyingFalcon
      Just sent you a beacon. Fly safe!
    8. FlyingFalcon
      I'm sending a neighbor request and can send you either a spare propeller or deicer - just let me know which you prefer.
      1. Davescharf
        Accepted your request. Any of the items in my profile will work, but Beacons, Additional Radars or Fuel20 works best now.
        16 April 2017
    9. Davescharf
      Spare Props and Deicers are preferred. See sig line for more details. Done with event
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    Game Name: DScharf-Item requested
    Friend code : Please PM (I don't accept from unfamiliar players)
    Level 80 - 624 stars
    Alliance: MiTenRaBo
    Notable 'clickable' buildings: 4 Cosmic Fuel Stations, 3 Planetariums, 1 Astronaut Academy, 1 Training Center

    Last update: 2/19/2019

    Current needs: Lollipops, Earplugs, AutoPilot, Hydraulic Cylinder

    Items always welcome: Fuel Catalyst, F20

    Items I can gift (updated 11/14):
    Building Items: Currency Detectors, Stabilizer, Magnetic Flaw Detector, LED Lamp, Fax, Do Not Disturb Sign, ATM, Welder, Travel Guide, Projector, Rope Block, Video Wall, Assembly Robot, Glass Display Case, Calculator, Drill Machine, Solar Cell, Ergonomic Chair, Server Rack, Weather Display, Transmitter, Grinding Machine, Flatwork Ironer, Tunnel Freezer, Hammer Drill, Granulator

    Flight items: Fuel Catalyst, Landing Lamp, Fuel (3), Powerful Radio Transmitter, Fuel Supply, Fuel Additives, Additional Radar, Spare Wire, Oscillating Beacon, Flight Catering, Navigation Model, Fuel Hose, Spare Propeller, Deicer, Wireless Compass, Blanket, Attitude Indicator, Earplugs, Lollipop, Bed, e-Reader, Sleeping Pill, VR Headset

    Repair Items: Cockpit Glass, Jet Engine, Landing Gear, Gyroscope

    Duty Free Items: Chocolate Candies, Cognac, Perfume
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