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Musketeers looking for new teammates!

Liz Savery

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Brooklyn Liz
Two of the three Musketeers groups are looking for new members! We are three alliances that play together: MiRoSaGo, a Top-50 alliance; MiTenRaBo, a Top-100 alliance; and CheezeLvr, a growing alliance.

Here are the details:
  • 50K pax per week for MiTenRaBo, 20-25K for CheezeLvr. No tasks for MiTen; sometimes CheezeLvr does tasks to help people develop their games.
  • We don't cheat for pax.
  • All three alliances share a Discord channel, so there are more players to do launches with and exchange gifts. You can chat on Discord as much (or as little) as you'd like.
  • We're friendly; we enjoy helping each other out to grow our games or specific goals.
  • We love launches and do them frequently.
  • We're loyal; some people have been in these alliances for years. One for all and all for one.
If you're looking for an alliance, join us! I head up MiTenRaBo - please send me a message if you are interested or have any questions, and happy flying.

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