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Red Launch Apologies to Florin and Others Just an Apology for hijacking a launch

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Those that know me very well here and on other platforms, is usually, no matter what, I tend to lay back in launches and let everyone else take the top 3 spots; even if I am using a QL. I rarely have used any other.

So I just want to apologize if I have ever in all my 13 or 14 years at this have never hijacked a launch, unless I was clicking faster than my mind was.

We've all Probably even launched and left someone behind in all these years

But as I said, Most of you who know me if I stage a launch and post it it looks this way

ROP or Gop or other all seats open one bonus added, NO ITS NOT Active launch

Just an apology for hijacking

I was up since Friday morning with little sleep since then and not wanting to end up in ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzz status either

Dealing with the storm season here too in USA with the tornado outbreaks. lol No I dont physically chase them but my daughter and I monitor the weather and are intermediaries, lol the middle guy who pases info often to those who may have no power, and have only phone in hand a towel, wrapped around them, as they were rousted from a shower, shampoo still stinging the eyes, and having to evacuate your home? Not realizing if you will return there to a structure.
So just a little tired and trying to move forward too as lives were lost as well

Speaking of storms, there are numerous ones on other planets and the oddest is on Saturn on the southern pole

Thanks for understanding
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