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    Dark Skies 2020 Award

    Got it done! Good luck everyone!
  2. Z

    Cinemania 2020 Award

    All done! Thank you!
  3. Z

    World of Wildlife 2020 Award

    Finished! Hard to find those level 3 zoos!
  4. Z

    Back to School 2020 Award

    Event complete!
  5. Z

    Riding The Comet 2020 Award

    Thanks Dave and all the QL folks that helped me do this!
  6. Z

    Problems with my gold membership

    Mine is like that as of today! Renewed and now it’s not showing
  7. Z

    Age of Ash 2020 Award

    finally got it!
  8. Z

    Awarded Hit the 150 mark!

    Hit the 150 mark today! Hooray!
  9. Z

    The Land of Opportunity 2020 Award

    This was a great event!
  10. Z

    Riding The Comet 2020 Award

    Completed! Thanks for the help everyone!
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    QL Party Friend Requests

    Friend request sent!
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