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Recent content by Wratch3t

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    Terminal Upgrade

    Im sorry. Just a couple of days ago i upgraded my terminal. I didnt realize that took away the Arch Metal detector. Cant send it anymore. Sorry.
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    Terminal Upgrade

    @methacrylate, i can send Arch Metal Detector.
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    Rock The Sky 2020 Award

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    Id love to join. Need 3 more launches. Sent FR. Thanks.
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    *Ramping down now* Just started QL

    Id love to join. Sending FR now. Thanks
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    Green QL

    Id love to join. Sending FR now.
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    Green QL

    I would like to join if its still open. Sending FR now. Thanks.
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    No more flights

    Would love to join if youve got room. Sending FR.
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    Greeper 2nd Ql launched

    Id love to join. Sending friend request now. Thanks
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    QL Party Friend Requests

    If youre still doing any green QL launches id love to join. My FC is 04a93bukv. Thanks.
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