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player name: crunch [requested item/s]
level 80, 722 stars
player code: 20UY7X71C
alliance: Knight Fliers

GIFTS POLICY - politely request what's in my game name, normally a mix of: VR and e-reader please

gift strategy - my alliance, long term gifting partners and then first in/first out, priority to those who send me something requested and have what they need in their game name, not those who just send f20.

can send: postal drone (TH9), safety cone, city model & master plan (T6, TH4), cooling chamber & defroster (FC), archive box, exit sign (RH), transmitter (BH), controller (RB), dryer (L), crucible (SF), boring machine (FF), and normal things all the way up to and including disinfecting solution (PL), VR, VSI, sleeping pill, water dispenser (t12) and compact photo printer (ct13).
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