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16 December 1974 (Age: 46)
  1. Android
Friend Code
Aa send fuel


Version: Andriod
Username: AA fuel
Friend Code: 04e933py
Level 56
Stars 123
Hearts 8
Alliance Name :

  • Repair base (level 5):
    • 1 Controller
    • 2 TV Panels
  • Mission Control Center: Items Required:
    • 2 Horn Antenna
    • 4 Vivaldi-antenna
    • 4 Yagi-Uda Antenna
  • Control Tower (level 6)
    • 1 Dispatcher Console
    • 2 Flight Helmet
  • Laundry: Items Required.
    • 4 Washing Machine
    • 4 Centrifuge
    • 4 Flatwork Ironer
    • 4 Dryer
Flights: Items Always Required: Items in red Urgent
  • Fuel Additives
  • Additional Radar
  • Nano coating
  • passengers;
  • Fuel x20

Items I Can Send: PM me for requests.

Hygrometer; Hardness Tester; Ergonomic Chair; Yagi-Uda Antenna; Passengers (5)
Fuel Catalyst; Bath Towel; Air Conditioning; Pearl Earrings; Cockpit Glass; Welder; Travel Guide; Nano Coating; Landing Lamp; Copy Machine; Channel Bar; Fuel (20 units); Powerful Radio Transmitter; Video Wall; Spaceship Engine; Anti-Theft Gate; Filled Candies; Fuel Supply; Jet Engine; Wide-angle Binoculars; Fuel additives; Power Source; Solar Cell; Additional Radar; White Gold Bracelet; Cash Counter; Spare Wire; Laser Cutter; Passenger Seat; Oscillating Beacon; Flight Catering; Packaging Machine; Navigation Module; Archive Box; Fuel hose; Altimeter; Spare Propeller; Deicer; TV Panels; Wireless Compass; Centrifuge; Blanket; Attitude Indicator; Tunnel Freezer; Ear Plugs; Fruit Lollipop.
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