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View My Signature - Sydney

If you can send my main game a daily gift from your main game or a support game,
one of my support games can send your main a daily gift. Please PM me to arrange.

Main game name: Sydney [needed item(s)]
Main game platform: Android 12, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 tablet

Supports games: 5, all in ZF fuel rings. Alliance: "Sydney Supports"
Support games platform: PC, Windows 10, AC app from MS-Store

Alliance: Musketeers (MiRoSaGo)

Level: 80, >400 stars. Playing since early 2022.

Time Zone: Australian Eastern DAYLIGHT Time (AEDT) UTC + 11 hours

Preferred Imbibements:
James Squire's 150 Lashes PA, Talisker Storm

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